Gill draws inspiration from figurative, street art, portraiture, and abstract expressionism, and studied Fashion Illustration at Epsom School of Art & Design in the late 80s. Despite not foreseeing a fashion-focused future, she established a studio in Camden Town, North London after art school she freelanced as an Illustrator for renowned publications like Elle and Vogue magazine.

Driven by a passion for large-scale painting, Gill transitioned from illustration, and retrained herself in painting, experimenting with digital art to help create her creations. Using bold brush marks and vibrant colours in mixed media, her pieces feature captivating textures. She aims to evoke emotions and provoke reflection, celebrating the limitless possibilities of artistic expression.

Gill's art has gained international acclaim, with collectors in Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and Gibraltar. Her work has been featured in exhibitions across the UK, Spain, and Gibraltar, earning her artistic achievement awards, including one from the Luxembourg Art Prize for 3 years running. Notably, she won a significant art prize in Gibraltar in 2008.



As an artist, I am fueled by a fusion of figurative, portrait, and abstract styles that manifest in my vivid and textured works on canvas. My art is marked by strong brushwork and unique integration of mixed media, especially visible in my emotive portraits that aim to capture meaningful moments and tell stories through nuanced gestures.

After a ten-year break, (due to a family crisis) Incorporating both traditional techniques and digital art, I explore and combine compositions, textures, and colours to evoke heartfelt emotions with genuine sincerity a renewed sense of purpose has reignited my passion for painting, reigniting my deep connection to the vibrant world of art with immense happiness and fulfilment.